It was AD1948…Uncle Tetsu was born as Mizokami family first-born child, Mr. Tetsushi Mizokami was obliged to help his parents in their sweets business from the very young age of just 5 years old! He grew up baking and preparing scrumptious desserts at the Hakata Sweet Shop.

Later on in life, while he studied English Literature at the Seinan Gakuin University, he created and published a community town magazine called Tessy. But it wasn’t long before he went back to the food service business to operate a popular restaurant by the name of HANAJAM, where college friends and young people gathered often.

Since then, Uncle Tetsu has worked at numerous restaurants and food shops including HANAJAM, Fuga, Buaiso, Soko, Kominkan, Okano Ueno Baka, Popeye No Suki Na Horenso, Kurazy Prayer, Syakoukurabu, 80’s FACTORY, Maruumiya, CARNIVAL CLUB, Kuronokura, Hakatagyouzaya603, Torinotechu and Nihon Roman-za (the very first Chinese restaurant in Fukuoka offering handmade wedding cakes which were successfully delivered to over 170 couples).


Around 1970…A new restaurant was founded namely Uncle Tetsu. It was located in Fukuoka (near 3-chome Tenjin, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka) and it quickly became the most popular restaurant among the teenagers surrounding. The youth culture of Fukuoka is what fuelled the success of the restaurant and it was Uncle Tetsu himself who was the president. Patrons of the restaurant nicknamed him Tetsu San, and today, this is the character of Uncle Tetsu’s Cheesecake.

Uncle Tetsu's character is medium height and a little plump (but hey, you can’t trust a chef who isn’t a little on the rounder side). Uncle Tetsu always wears a jersey with rubber thongs, although since 1970, his appearance has certainly changed.

People gather far and wide to enjoy Uncle Tetsu’s food and he is known around the globe as Tetsu-san, Tetsu-san.


Then, in 1985…due to some reasons, Uncle Tetsu, who had previously established Sweet Shop (Mizokami-Seika in 1951), closed HANAJAM, which was located at Oyafukou Street where handmade, American style homemade cake was baked and sold.

Uncle Tetsu’s Cheesecake

Uncle Tetsu’s Cheesecake began on Oyafukou Street in Hakata.

Throughout his restaurant career and journey, Uncle Tetsu was introduced to a specialty Australian cheese. And it is this very cheese that he uses abundantly to bake his delicious cheesecake.

His super soft, rich and flavourful freshly baked cheesecake spread throughout Japan faster than he could ever have hoped and has since become an international dessert phenomenon! It’s a hot topic in the media and people are flocking to try it!


Now, Uncle Tetsu wants to bring his cheesecake to the rest of the world.

He delivers the deliciousness of hometown Hakata through Uncle Tetsu’s Cheesecake restaurants that honour the same authentic and distinct flavours people know and love.

With the vision to expand the business internationally, the overwhelming response allowed them to expand to 5 outlets within a year. The success of UNCLE TETSU CHEESECAKE attracted many cheesecake fans, and it also pulled many dedicated partners to start operating this Cheesecake business around the world.

Today, UNCLE TETSU CHEESECAKE is available in Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Cambodia, China, Canada, Malaysia, Australia, Hong Kong, USA, UAE and of course New Zealand. They also have future plans include restaurant openings in Indonesia and Brazil. 

It's happening fast and Uncle Tetsu is coming to you soon :)

Secret Behind The Great Taste



Selected premium creamcheese has a soft, spreadable texture. Quality cheese plays an important role that determines the taste of the Uncle Tetsu Cheesecake.


Pasteurized eggs direct from local farm helps achieve the distinctive taste in the Uncle Tetsu Cheesecake.


Luxury milk is the secret weapon that creates the deliciously fluffy taste for the Uncle Tetsu Cheesecake.



UNCLE TETSU CHEESECAKE, the awesome taste from Japan is prepared and baked fresh daily, from premium and imported ingredients selected in preparing the batter, and the cake is steam baked to perfection. Uncle Tetsu's Cheesecake comes with a tantalizing aroma, is cotton soft & has a fluffy texture! Enjoy the cake fresh from the oven to experience the best flavor.

UNCLE TETSU Madeleine $3.70

UNCLE TETSU Madeleine, luscious and moist, this buttery cupcake literally melts in your mouth. Warm up this madeleine in the microwave for 15 seconds to get the just-out-of-the-oven fluff.


  1. Do you deliver?  - No unfortunately we don't deliver at this stage.
  2. Is your cheesecake Halal?  - They will absolutely be vegetarian friendly, but as for if they are Halal,  we will need to do an in-depth investigation of all of the ingredients. The good news is that there are not too many ingredients and none of them are peculiar: Egg, sugar, butter, cream cheese, milk, flour.
  3. Is your cheesecake safe for vegetarians?   - Yes it is
  4. Is your cheesecake safe for those with an peanut allergy?   - Yes it is
  5. Do you take orders in advance? - no unfortunately we don't take orders in advance.


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Please note we do not take orders in advance, nor do we deliver.

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